5 Tips To Help You With Bedtime

5 Tips To Help You With Bedtime

Let’s be honest, bedtime is bittersweet. Sweet because I love snuggling with a sleepy, freshly bathed kiddo in warm jammies. Kissing their forehead and whispering prayers or songs. But bitter because…well, let’s face it, sometimes getting there is a battle. Who's with me?! As a stay at home mom and a business owner, there are days where I am so tried that I barley want to shower myself! I know, don't judge me. Once it hits 4:00pm this mama is ready for bed. The last thing I want to deal with is a battle over bath & jammies. 

Over the years I have mastered the art of bedtime. It’s all in the preparation and making it FUN! Kids want to have fun no matter the place or time. Here’s are some of my tips for getting your little ones ready to whine down.


1: Drain their energy

They always have a burst of energy after they eat. I found that playing with them for at least 30 minutes, can really get out all the wiggles & giggles. Also it creates great quality time with them.  

2: Make a bubble bath fun & relaxing

If you're a bubble bath lover like me then you know what it takes to make a good bath. Bath salts, bath bombs and lots of bubbles are the perfect recipe for a great bath. I love using Dr.Teals bath salts because they have essential oils in them, which also make the salts smell amazing and make your kids smell amazing as well!

3: Give them a massage

Yeah hi, I would love to have a massage every time I got out of the shower but that is me wishing. My mom actually use to do this to us when we were little and it was my favorite! Research has shown that by taking the time to massage your baby can make their brain produce more serotonin, a feel-good chemical, and less cortisol, a hormone that's secreted in response to stress. As a result, your baby's heart rate and breathing slow down, and they become more relaxed. So grab yourself a great lotion and rub those tiny limbs.

4: Sing fun songs 

I know this maybe a silly or an obvious tip, but my kids respond so well when we sing songs with hand motions escpically while I am getting them in their cozy pjs for the night. Not only does it keep their mind busy they also love to sing along. We usually go for "The Five Little Ducks" 🦆.

5: Bed time warning

My kids aren’t into books yet but they sure do love some Mickey Mouse clubhouse. We always cuddle up on the couch with their blankets and stuffed animals. Before we put them to bed, we let them watch a show BUT the key is, that we give them a pre-bedtime warning by saying “After this show, it’s time for bed”. That way we aren't cutting them off immediately and going cold turkey on them. This tip works like a charm for us. 

These are just some of our bedtime tips, heaven knows that our tips and tricks are to long for just one blog post!