Your Pinterest Worthy Party Guide

Your Pinterest Worthy Party Guide

If anyone knows me then you know I absolutely love throwing parties. Birthday parties, baby shower's, bridal shower's you name it, i'll plan it. Planning a party can be stressful and time consuming. With our easy guide, we will be offering you our best tips on how to throw a Pinterest worthy party!

Let's fast forward, you have the date, your guest list and your theme. So now what do you do? Let me guess, you jump on Pinterest and start pinning? I sure do!!  If you notice most party ideas on Pinterest have the following: 

1. Theme 

2. Backdrop 

3. Food Display 

4. Details  

Let's break it down.

1. THEME: Picking your theme is so important! By having a theme, it will inspire  your plan for the decorations and food. There are hundreds of theme ideas you can find on Pinterest, pick something that will makes sense with the type of party you're throwing. For example, we threw my daughters 1st birthday party and it was a garden theme since her birthday is in spring.

2. BACKDROP: A backdrop is great to have and quite honestly I can't imagine not having one. It might be the most time consuming piece of the whole party to put together but it's definitely a must have. It sets the tone of your party and draws your guest to where the food is. There are so many varieties of backdrops you can find on Pinterest but we suggest to make it your own by adding your own personal touch. Using a blank wall creates a great canvas to do a backdrop on also giving you an area for photo ops.

Party Backdrop.

 3. FOOD DISPLAY: It's not a party without yummy food! My rule of thumb is if you go light on food then you go heavy on decorations. You want your decorations to complement the food. If you do simple cupcakes and cake, that's great! But make sure you showcase the desserts by giving them height. I have a stash of white dishes that I love using! A variety of platers and cake stands are great to have on hand! They also make your food look 100x better.   

Birthday Backdrop

4. DETAILS: Details matter! Since our party was a garden theme, I wanted to incorporate roses, baby breath, and greenery. We used rose gold balloons as the main decor piece to really fill in the space behind our table, it also acted as our backdrop. I bought a really pretty champagne blush tablecloth that really tied everything together. You can check it out here. Next I wanted to create a cute high chair skirt for when we sang HBD! It turned out even better then I thought! Using pale pink roses and a little bit of tulle, it made the perfect skirt in less then 15 mins.

1st Birthday Cake  Party Details

I know that throwing a party can be stressful and seem like a lot to do. Pick a theme, get creative with a backdrop, choose the food and the small details will fall into place. When you plan your next Pinterest worthy party, have fun with it and keep these tips in mind! Before you know it you will be Pinterest party throwing machine!

Until next time friends. 

- Aubree