The First Time My Kid Really Grossed Me out

The First Time My Kid Really Grossed Me out

I can't believe I'm even telling you this story, be prepared to be grossed out or maybe you can even relate! 

I would assume almost every parent has experienced this at least once. If you haven't, then good for you because you're not missing out on anything. Whenever I have heard these stories I thought, "EW, thats not going to happen to me!"

It was the first time my husband was gone for a work trip and I had our kids for the next following weeks. I really wanted to sleep train my son while my husband was away because this mama needed a little break. Now my son is the biggest cuddle bug I have ever known! He would always have to be rocked or bounced to sleep. One day I thought, "You know what, I'm just going to put him in his crib and let him cry it out." He just had lunch so I took his clothes off and put him up in his crib to take a nap. 

I turned the monitor on to keep an eye out on him to make sure he wasn't completely losing his mind. I was trying to cram in as much cleaning as I could while he was down for a nap. Later on I checked the monitor,  and all I could see was this cute little bare bum! I went up stairs thinking maybe his diaper came undone, oh boy was I WRONG!! 

My biggest nightmare became my newest reality, hello POOP! EVERYWHERE! I'm talking everywhere. It was so bad that I could smell it creeping outside of his door.  It was all over him, the crib, walls, and his bedding. He had stepped in it so much that it went through his top sheet. Like for REAL?! Is this my life? Not even a bubble bath was enough to get him cleaned up. 

So of course I whipped out my phone and had to take a video of it to show my husband exactly what he was missing out on because it was that BAD and I also wanted him to feel my pain...just a little bit haha.

There are two things I took away for this experience: 
1. Never ever put kids down for a nap in just a diaper.
2. They need an outfit that they can't undo by themselves.
Luckily we designed Rompers that have an inverted zipper. This helps to keep them in an outfit where they don't have access to their diaper! Needless to say our rompers have been a life saver. 
For all those parents out there who feel my pain, check out our Rompers right here! There is nothing better than having your mind at ease. 
-Aubree N.