Why We Started A Sleepwear Company.

Why We Started A Sleepwear Company.

For as long as I can remember, I have always known that I wanted to own a business. Thinking back to high school all I could think about was what business did I want to own. After working multiple jobs, from a performer at Disneyland to a Product Specialist for a International Marketing company. I realized that being an employee was not the life for me. The desire for starting my own business only grew stronger as the years went on. 

When I entered motherhood, I always found myself shopping! I could never understand why sleepwear for children was lacking. I would always end up buying pj's two sizes bigger because I knew they would shrink after 1 wash and dry. I could never find really cute pjs that were great quality at an affordable price! 

I always wondered why sleepwear wasn't as important as every day clothes. If you think about it, our children actually spend more time in their pj's then any other clothing. From putting them on after a bath, sleeping in them to waking up and spending the next morning in them. Let's be honest there are those days when my kids are just in their pj's all day! 

I didn't like the fact that I couldn't find pj's that were cute solid colors, minimal prints and really soft even after multiple washes that didn't shrink. 

This sparked the idea of Bow & Ivory. A sleepwear company that is all about quality and style, offering a selection for boy & girls. We want to create sleepwear that children love. As an adult I love my pjs so why shouldn't my kids love theirs? We chose an ultra soft fabric made with bamboo and spandex properties. This gives our sleepwear a great feel and an awesome stretch. They are breathable so they can be worn during any season.  

We are so excited for you to join us on this journey of Bow & Ivory.